The amount of child care payable depends on your income, the income of the other parent and the time the child or children are in care compared to the other parent. So we know that there is no income there, we are doubtful that there is an advantage of the WINZ, since we… we have managed to discover that the new husband is an aeronautical engineer, while we are missing because of the increase of „teenagers“ in our family allowances, when there is no incentive for the mother to work when she collects all the amount of CS and the support of a new husband. Question Anon: If someone else has received a strange adjustment notice for March 1-31, 2017, we have just received a one-time evaluation for March alone and that is $200 more than the usual monthly figure. I`m confused, why, he doesn`t say, it`s a square up, nor does he say it`s the new monthly number (my God, I hope it`s not or we`re screwed royally) this figure would match almost a quarter of our income in hand for a child if we have two in our full care. That sounds fake. Can someone help us or give us advice or insight? (the child is 13 years old) With the amount my husband has to pay each month for family allowances, she should save a few to buy things for the children, for example, if she needs the girl who said she wanted a laptop for her studies, my husband`s ex immediately comes up with an email that he has to pay if she wasn`t willing to send it to the IRD to solve this problem. Inland Revenue (IR) manages the Child Support Program under the Child Support Act 1991 (external link). Family allowances are money paid by parents who: Another comment: „My partner (now husband) pays more than $500 a month for a child he doesn`t even see because she wouldn`t allow it and would have received a court order based on lies.

Question Anon: „Hello just ask if a friend lives in Tonga and has no income there… But do NZ`s children still have to pay child benefit? And if he wanted to come to NZ for a vacation, can he leave NZ? I have… is that, as a general rule, if the non-custodial parent wants the child to visit, they pay the ticket price there and the custodial parent pays the ticket price.