If both parents can agree to a family-based agreement, these forms can be used to write the agreed agreement. In England and Wales, an approval settlement is a court order that makes an agreement between two parties legally binding. For the maintenance of children, the courts may adopt a regulation on consent which stipulates that the parent must withhold, without the primary care of the child, the maintenance payments he has granted, either jointly, in-between or between lawyers. You don`t have to follow the rules of a private agreement. You can include anything you want, as long as you agree. For example, you might agree that one of you will cover the cost of vacation or school uniforms instead of making regular payments. You can follow the instructions of a written agreement on GOV.UK. I pay £500 a month, then she asks for half school uniforms, half evenings, half activities, and I have to provide clothes when they are with me and at all costs when they are with me. Don`t let that discourage you if you really want to try to make a private deal….