I believe that the European Assembly has put our current repayments for 1983 on hold. It will have to transfer these funds from the reserve to the regular account. We will certainly have to get Parliament`s approval to release the funds in a year`s time. The European Council confirms that the accession negotiations between Spain and Portugal should be completed by 30 September 1984. In the meantime, the Community must do all it can to create the necessary conditions for the success of this enlargement, both in the negotiations with Spain on fisheries to ensure the conservation of fisheries resources and in the reform of the common organisation of the wine market, in order to ensure control of the quantities of wine produced in the Community and by a fair balance between agricultural and industrial agreements. If we had not made use of it, we would not have obtained the refund agreement and we would not have been entitled to a refund without a refund. We should have paid the full vat contribution, i.e. the entire 1% contribution. As I said, it would have been about $1,200 million this year, and next year it would have been a similar amount – perhaps up to $1,500 million. The gentleman on the right might have faced this perspective with equality, but I did not. As my right-wing friend knows, we have taken the first steps to reduce the Community`s surpluses. These were painful first steps with the peasants, like many of my right-wing hon and hon. Friends know.

Nevertheless, they have understood the need for them and we will have to continue to reduce surpluses, sometimes with other products, otherwise we will not reduce the huge share of spending on agriculture. That is why we were in Brussels and the finance ministers are now implementing the decision to set the total amount of expenditure for the European budget at the beginning of the year and as part of the total amount of agriculture. It is an attempt at discipline in agricultural spending and, as my right-wing friend knows, I am the first to say that we need such discipline. If we do what he said, I would like to make it very clear that I do not think we should have received the ECU 1000 million rebate for 1984, which is part of the existing regulation, which is $600 million.