Negotiators from the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Hollywood`s leading trade union confederation, have reached a three-year tentative agreement with studios and networks. Funding for the plans was mentioned in the agreement, but in a way that Repola described as „short-sighted“ and which will undoubtedly allow us to fight again in the next round of negotiations. According to his memo, there is no additional pension contribution per hour. And a new media remnant is included in the basic agreement, but it is not equal to that of guilds like dGA, WGA or SAG-AFTRA. „This agreement will bring significant benefits and lasting security to the well-being and livelihoods of all IATSE members covered by the core agreement,“ said Matthew D. Loeb, IATSE International President. „With significant wage increases, improved transit times and other functions to reduce long days and new sources of dedicated revenue to strengthen the branch pension, this agreement is a great victory for the skilled professionals who bring motion films to life.“ If the interim contract were to be ratified, it would be a follow-up contract for the current three-year contract for 13 Hollywood residents, including Cinematographers Guild Local 600, Publisher Guild Local 700 and Art Directors Guild Local 800. In total, the contract has more than 43,000 employees. Repola also stated that „all signatories to the agreement (with the exception of major studios and all other companies designated by them) are subject to the agreement of $0.75 per hour for the health plan each year and lead to an increase in contribution time of $2.25 per contribution hour until the third year.“ Local 700 members have been at the centre of resistance to a new agreement in recent weeks when the outlines of an agreement have emerged. National Executive Director Cathy Repola sent a message to members on Thursday, describing the agreement as „unacceptable.“ Cathy Repola, national director of Local 700, the Motion Picture Editors Guild, recommends non-ratification to her board and calls the agreement in a memo to members „a totally, unnecessarily unacceptable agreement.“ But 700 local members can still be bound by the agreement, depending on how other locals vote.

The negotiations took place under an information blackout. IATSE usually reaches an agreement with the AMPTP well before expiry, so the fact that negotiations remain open has been interpreted as a sign of the difficulty of reaching a compromise, amid profound changes in the functioning of the entertainment business. In 2015, IATSE reached an interim agreement more than three months before its expiry. A totally, unnecessarily unacceptable agreement on the conclusion of the ongoing negotiations on the basic agreement was reached this morning.