When you run IBM products in a cloud environment, you need to know if that provider is supported. You also need to know which IBM PVU (processor unit) has assigned to this cloud provider platform. IBM manages a list of associated platforms and PVU values. This is an important resource in calculating new licensing costs for moving from place to cloud. (International) Enterprise Software – Service Option (ESSO/iESSO) | Agreement on the customer. (i) ESSO agreements are contractual forms that do not contain user rights, only maintenance and options. Exception: if the ESSO agreement (i) is negotiated following a compliance audit, a settlement plan with settlement, maintenance and recovery licenses may end. The counting plan is then signed with the iESSO contract. (i) ESSO agreements offer IBM customers advantages, but also disadvantages, including mandatory maintenance. We recommend a thorough analysis to determine whether a particular customer should enter into an ESSO agreement. Under-capacity to | IPAA Avenant, a condition for under-capacity. Since July 2011 included in the IAPA.

Although IBM is one of the largest software vendors on the market, IBM has not received as much attention in the past as Oracle says. Normally, their audits are rather rare compared to other providers (although their number has increased in recent years), but they are not lacking in complexity. This means that even if you are not tested every year, you should prepare and control your IBM license position. It all starts with understanding the basic information about IBM`s licenses: What kind of contracts, products and metrics IBM makes available to its customers. International Passport Advantage Agreement (IPAA) | An agreement for Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express (IPAA/IPAAe). IPAA (e) is a standard IBM agreement that is generic and not tailored to the specifics of the customer. IPPA (e) is required to enter the world of Passport Advantage. Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) | Company-wide agreement, standardization of IBM offer and, if applicable, user rights.

ELA offers benefits to IBM customers – but has big drawbacks. We recommend an in-depth analysis of each client`s situation to determine whether a particular customer should enter into an ELA agreement. If you license a product based on the PVU (processor value unit), you need to check the current value for the processors on which it is provided. IBM manages a list of processors and associated PVU values. It is especially important to refer to this list when considering a hardware upgrade. If you purchase an IBM product through Passport Advantage, you can benefit from discounts based on your RSVP (Relationship Suggested Volume Price) level. The RSVP is recalculated after each transaction and includes all transactions relating to eligible products (PE) under the same agreement. The anniversary is based on the date of the first transaction as part of this agreement for this site. If the license information changes depending on the version. You need the product ID (z.B 5724-Q36) instead of the part number. If you only have the room number, enter it into the search field at the top right of the page.