Our Software Service Agreement (SSA) allows the customer to upgrade „free“ of its licenses to current releasete software versions. SSCs (software service credits) are used as currency and can be managed in balance on the my.innovaphone portal. The SSC value is valid for one year of SSA. Care should be taken to extend the SSA for a period of one year in a timely manner prior to the expiry date of the SSA, as a higher retroactive payment is due in the case of after-the-fact SSA. More information can be found in our software service guide under the point „SSA Automatic Extension Service in my.innovaphone.“ The SSA extension service is carried out directly between innovaphone and the final customer. To do this, the entire project must be under SSA with all the elements at the time of closing. You will find the service in my.innovaphone if you click on the „Software Service“ point in one of its projects. Subsequently, an orange inscription „SSA innovaphone renewal service“ appears with the possibility of gettinging the agreed information or requesting personalized advice. Innovaphone therefore offers an automatic extension service SSA (Auto-SSA) that allows to maintain a complete project under SSA.