The Intergovernmental Personnel Act Mobility Program provides for temporary staffing between the federal government and national and local governments, Indian tribal governments, publicly funded research and development centres, universities and universities, and other eligible organizations. IAPs are not used as an allocation mechanism to support a federally funded project. For more information on PPI, visit the government`s website at The Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IAP) mobility program allows staff at higher education institutions and universities and other eligible organizations to temporarily become members of the Federal Agency. For more information on IAP organizations, visit the government`s website at The agent remains a member of UVM`s staff and continues to be paid by UVM for the duration of the transfer. The federal agency may agree to cover all costs, some or none of the costs associated with an assignment. Expenses paid may include salary, ancillary benefits, travel and moving expenses. The Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IAP) agreement is the contract between the UF and a federal sponsor that allows a UF employee to obtain a contract from a federal sponsor and provide the federal sponsor with research, administration or other services for a limited period of time. The agent remains an employee of the UF and is always paid by the UF`s payslip for the duration of the assignment. The federal sponsor may agree to pay all costs, some or not, related to an assignment.

Fees may include salary, additional compensation, ancillary benefits, and travel and relocation expenses. Learn more about the Department of Veterans Affairs` request for funding. Most IAPs do not allow for the reimbursement of indirect costs, but some federal authorities allow a reduced indirect cost rate. Please see Boston University`s version of the Interpersonal Agreement here. Download the form and view it in Adobe Acrobat for optimal results. The IPA agreement is the contract between UVM and a federal agency that allows a UVM staff member to assign a federal authority and provide research, administration or other services to the federal authority for a limited period of time. For the government version, please use the OPM website form at There are BU and federal government versions of this form. Or visit and click on the form number: OF 69.