LSR is a win-win situation for low-income individuals and lawyers. Since the lawyer is only recruited for certain aspects of a case, the total cost is less than that of full representation and benefits by providing much-needed legal expertise at an affordable price. Lawyers benefit by connecting with clients who would not otherwise be able to hire them, and national studies show that LSR clients are more satisfied with their results. Here are some examples of limited scope arrangements: Limited coverage Representation against full representation There are many benefits of limited coverage Full representation: Limited representation against size limits can often be a better alternative than representing yourself: Limited coverage does not mean that the lawyer provides you with a second-class service. Representation of a limited scope is permitted by legal practice and by the rules governing the conduct of lawyers, as well as by full representation. Once you and your lawyer decide what legal services the lawyer will provide, the duty of care of the lawyer and the ethical responsibilities of these limited services are the same as if the lawyer provided you with the same professional services as part of the full representation. To further assist lawyers in developing a limited practice of representation, the Commission has developed toolkits for family and general civil law, which lawyers can use as models. Each toolkit contains a service agreement, checklists for sample tasks and problem assignments, an example of presentation, and a typical withdrawal request. With our Scope Limited Representation Agreement, you can specify the services your lawyer has agreed to offer, including: legal advice, without representation; Checking the documents produced by the customer check the documents produced by the opposite party and/or the lawyer; Document development Negotiations The factual investigation Legal research and analysis A unique aspect What`s going on Preparation of deposits; Planning for negotiations and planning for judicial representations.