If you are the support creditor and you can no longer pay the agreed amount of support, you can ask the magistrate for a mitigation order for which your maintenance order is assigned. You must complete the corresponding form, submit a detailed revenue and expense account and present it to the maintenance manager. The Mutual Enforcement Act allows a parent living in South Africa to apply for support from a parent living in a foreign country and vice versa. For more information on the enforcement of support orders, see: www.justice.gov.za/ilr/intmnt.html The child`s right to assistance obligations is not the result of an inheritance tax, but of the family relationship between the parent and the child. The executor follows in the footsteps of the deceased as soon as the executor receives execution letters that he represents for the estate. Any food orders already in force are also mandatory for the deceased. In essence, the maintenance standard is blacklisted. Non-payment of family allowances is a crime which, if the delay is convicted, can be punished by fines, prison sentences or both. The only defence of the insolvent party is evidence that it was insolvent because of its inability to pay the money owed. If an increase in maintenance is required after one or two years, you can also contact the magistrate to request an increase in maintenance.

Here, it is also important to think about filling out your application with all the evidence/documents necessary to prove that the increase is valid and necessary. Here too, it is always recommended to seek legal advice before the contract is concluded. Here are the essential elements of a limited agreement: many agreements do not give the expiration date of the aid. What should a person bring to justice if he or she is in his care? An application for support may be filed against a defendant (who must pay child support) at a maintenance court („court“) located in the district where the applicant (the person being sought) or against the child on whose behalf support is claimed.