Art. 103. After the end of the marriage by death, the common property is liquidated in the same process of colonization of the estate of the deceased. Article 43. The termination of the marriage below, in accordance with the previous article, has the following effects: art. 16. In cases where parental consent or parental guidance is required, the party or party concerned provides, in addition to the requirements set out in previous articles, a certificate issued by a priest, imam or minister authorized to perform the marriage in accordance with Article 7 of this Code or to a conjugal counselor duly accredited by the competent government authority for the parties to have followed a conjugal consultation. If these marriage counseling certificates are not provided, it suspends the issuance of the marriage license for a period of three months from the date of publication of the application. The issuance of the marriage license within the prohibited time limit imposes administrative sanctions on the official who issued it, but does not affect the validity of the marriage. Article 51. In this division, the value of the presumed legitimations of all ordinary children, calculated from the date of the Tribunal`s final judgment, is provided in cash, property or solid titles, unless the parties have already foreseen such cases by mutual agreement. I had gone to my wedding five years earlier and had barely spoken to my daughter`s father for so long, but on paper he was still my husband.

I was a single woman, but I wasn`t free. My name was only half my name – all my identity papers remained in my married name. Any major purchase I made would be considered marital property. When I returned to a new relationship, I risked being accused of adultery and going to jail. Article 178. The legitimation is ensured by a subsequent valid marriage between the parents. The annulment of an annular marriage does not affect legitimization. (270a) chan robles virtual law library Art. 45.

A marriage may be one of the following reasons that exist at the time of marriage: marriage contracts must be entered into on a voluntary basis. They should be written down. They may be sidelined because of a lack of consent, fraud, coercion, error, inappropriate influence or bad faith. To be effective against third parties, they must be notarized and registered in the civil register of creditor protection and at the local town hall. If no legal proceedings are initiated, the surviving spouse liquidates the community estate through the courts or extrajudicials within six months of the death of the deceased spouse.