You are not required to provide Autodesk with suggestions for improvement, suggestions or other feedback (together „Feedback“), either in combination with a trial version or otherwise, unless otherwise stated in the Special Terms for an Offer. However, if you give feedback, you grant Autodesk a non-exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, global, paid (with sublicensing rights) license, in order to obtain feedback and all offers that use, use, sell, reproduce, modify, distribute, make available, display and run publicly, broadcast and use other services. The data storage feature linked to offers is NOT suitable for storing social security numbers, credit or debit card numbers, financial account numbers, driver`s license numbers, medical information or health insurance information; data on personal characteristics or other personal data, such as race or ethnicity, religion or philosophical beliefs, political affiliation or opinion, genetic or biometric data, sexual orientation or union affiliation; or any other information that a person may present when it is improperly disclosed or used or poses a risk of harm (set „sensitive data of a personal nature“). Unless Autodesk specifically requires it (for example. B A credit card number used to purchase a subscription), you will not transfer or provide Autodesk with sensitive personal data, including all files containing sensitive personal data, in relation to your use of an offer. Visit the Autodesk Education Community to create an account. When completing your account profile, be sure to complete your educational role as an Educator or „School IT Administrator“ and confirm your permission to access Autodesk products and services through the Autodesk Education Community. Once your authorization is confirmed, you can purchase co-licensing licenses for multiple users or networks on behalf of your school for favorite Autodesk software. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the endorsement or special conditions, the endorsement or special conditions relating to its purpose are checked. In the event of a conflict between the endorsement and the particular conditions, the endorsement is checked with regard to its purpose. Any agreement on an offer is expressly related to your consent to these conditions and any additional or other conditions are denied. Below are the types of learning licenses that are listed in the terms of use.