Educational loans are reserved for students of the OUM , UNITAR, Wawasan Open University and Asia E University Yes! You get an exemption if you graduate with first-class rewards. If you have already issued your university fees and you still have first class prizes, your total price will be saving on tuition plus the PTPTN loan. Seriously, why don`t you study hard? If you wish to study professional programs (z.B ACCA, ICAEW) or postgraduate studies (p.B. Master, PhD), only public institutions are eligible for PTPTN loans. Being blacklisted by CCRIS is a serious matter, as it could mean that you are probably immediately rejected if you apply for credit cards, home loans or private loans. Therefore, it is important not to delay your PTPTN loan. (a) The recipient of the ptPTN loan took a full-time course. If your MPA is less than 2.0 at any time, you do not receive PTPTN credits for this semester. If your grades improve in the next semester and you increase your MPA to more than 2.0, your loan payments will resume. Remember that guaranteeing a PTPTN loan does not mean that all your financial problems are over. Your loan can only cover part of your tuition, so make sure you do the math in advance to avoid surprises! The most recent interests of the PTPTN are calculated at a flat rate of 1%. Suppose your loan is RM 50,000, payable in 15 years. With the personal loan settlement computer, you will see that the savings you receive for the full settlement of your credit is actually less than 1% per year.

You are better off pouring money into an FD account where your return goes from 3 to 4%. PTPTN loans are subject to a flat interest rate of 1% (or ujrah, a syariah-compliant „fee“ to support the administrative and administrative costs of the PTPTN). Remember that you will continue to collect interest on your deferred PTPTN loan throughout the deferral period and will be added to the total amount you will have to repay later after graduation (or at the end of the deferral period). Based on the example above, the interest rates you pay each month for your PTPTN loan are only RM 41.67, which is extremely low compared to loans offered by banks and credit facilities. PTPTN loans are subject to an Upah (Ujrah) package of 1% per year.