We propose an amendment to the Code to include „regulated credit contracts“ in accordance with the requirements of indicative behaviour 6.1, which provide that third-party introductions are only made if the agreement is made in the best interests of the customer concerned and the agreement is tailored to that customer`s needs. 58.-1) Provisional approval of P, to the extent that it refers to a regulated activity or a certain class of activity, no longer has any effect: (4) Article 46 (qualifying credits to agencies), for the replacement of „10B, 10BA or 10BB“. (8) A credit contract is a tax-exempt agreement when it is entered into in the context of trade in goods or services. Our overall objective is to ensure that businesses can continue to carry out consumer credit activities in accordance with Part 20 of their legal practice. In addition, we want to clarify the types of activities that we believe are different and specialized consumer credit services, which should be regulated by the ACF as a specialized supervisory authority for financial services, with appropriate experience and expertise. The provision of a clearly defined list of prohibited activities also allows us to adopt a lean and proportionate set of regulatory requirements that focus on what is needed to ensure that consumers receive adequate protection for activities that we believe are related to legal practice. „conditional sales contract,“ the importance of section 60 L of the Regulated Activities Regulation; (39) Section 140A(5) (unfair relations between creditors and debtors) (111) for „section 16(6C) provisions,“ replace „for the purposes of Chapter 14A, Part 2 of the Regulation on The Status, Regulated Activities under Section 60C, paragraph 2, of this decision (mortgage-regulated contracts and regulated home purchase plans).“ (a) an instruction in accordance with section 60, paragraph 3, of the 1974 Act (form and content of agreements) (222); if it is an agreement under which the borrower`s obligation to repay is guaranteed or guaranteed by a legal mortgage on land. ((f) section 36A or section 60B of this provision (lending or entering into a regulated credit contract) to the extent that the credit contract (as part of this decision) is guaranteed onshore; in accordance with FSMA 2000, S 22, for an activity to be a regulated activity, it must be carried out „by commercial activity“. According to the ACF guidelines, the question of whether or not an activity is carried out in the course of the activity depends on several factors, including the scale of (7) section 228 (determination by mandatory jurisdiction) (38), in the subsection (1), „and consumer credit jurisdiction.“ 53.-1) An employer who makes or makes available to its employees, as part of a worker`s compensation system, a bicycle or bicycle safety device worth $1,000 is exempt from the blanket prohibition for any regulated activity of the type covered by Section 60N of the Regulated Activities Regulation (regulated consumer leases). In accordance with Part 20, consumer credit activities can only be carried out under the SRA Regulation if the services are provided in a manner that coincides with the provision of legal services (S327(4) of the FSMA) and which, with regard to the provision of a specific professional (legal) service to a particular client, is generated by or completes that service (s332 (4) of the FSMA). (a) where A`s application relates to the exercise of an auxiliary credit transaction, to the extent that they were credit credits (within the meaning of the 1974 Act), the regulated activity of the type of regulated activity covered by section 36A of the credit settlement (which, as a lender, enters into corresponding credit contracts through commercial transactions; Part 3 of the decision amends the law in relation to the new regulated activities in Part 2.