Fixed-term leases can be entered into for a period of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years. The tenant must cancel at least 21 days in writing (244.5 KB PDF) or one month in writing if the rent is paid monthly. The owner may agree to accept less than the required notification. This agreement should be written down. Housing SA reviews the lease at least 4 weeks before the end of the lease to determine whether they have achieved the objectives agreed in the file plan, whether they need more time to achieve their objectives and the next procedure. This includes: Tenants are offered a 12-month extension of their trial lease at the end of the 12-month trial lease if the following two applications are valid: a lessor must keep a copy of a written agreement and any changes on paper or electronic form at least two years after the end of the lease. A 10-year tenancy agreement is offered to tenants if they have the right to enter into a 5-year lease and to meet one of the following conditions: there is no minimum or maximum term of the agreement under South Australian law. Housing SA makes a new rental visit to a tenant`s house 6 months after a trial lease or an extension of the trial lease. During the Housing SA visit: If the potential tenant does not sign the contract, the landlord can keep all or part of the payment.

When they sign the lease, the lessor must place the consideration on the rent described in the contract. Contractual terms can only be changed with the written agreement of all parties. A fixed-term lease is a term agreed upon by the tenant and landlord, for example. B 6 months. A periodic lease agreement is, if the lease does not have a specific term agreed, for example. B month to month The SA government has established a standard form contract that can be used for fixed-term and periodic leases. , also known as rental conditions, for 4 to 6 months, depending on the circumstances of the tenant. A common situation is that the tenant has exclusive ownership of his own bedroom and sharing kitchen, bathroom and laundry. The description in the agreement of the portions of the tenant`s property and the non-exclusive property guarantees the rights and obligations of all parties.

The landlord can notify a tenant of written notice (258.8 KB PDF) if they wish to renew a fixed-term lease. A new lease is another option. The rent can be increased with both options if there has been no increase in the last 12 months. You should take the time to read the terms and this manual before signing the agreement. Fixed-term leases (219.9 KB PDFs) are valid for a fixed term. B 12 months and contain the date on which the lease expires. The date can only be changed if the landlord and tenant agree. The rent cannot be increased during a temporary agreement, unless a condition is included in the agreement that allows for an increase.