Polish troops stationed abroad (in Romania, Italy, Latvia) must follow the corresponding rules. If they break the law, they would be subject to the jurisdiction of the Polish court. This is a general principle adopted by all allied nations The new Polish-American agreement also assumes that, in the case of cases under U.S. jurisdiction and in the service of American troops, the United States would be required to apply rules identical to those that remain in force in the United States of America. This is a novelty if the new agreement is compared to the previous agreement signed in 2009 – and it is an advantage for the Poles. The EDCA is in force for an initial period of ten years and applies automatically thereafter, unless it is terminated by either of the contracting parties by a one-year written notification by diplomatic means of its intention to denounce the agreement (Article XII, Article 4 EDCA). While U.S. forces can exercise operational control, deploy troops and equipment, build facilities and be housed in certain agreed locations, the Philippines retains ownership of the agreed sites (Article V, paragraph 1, EDCA). It is important that the United States is not allowed to establish permanent military bases and that once the agreement is reached, all facilities located on the „agreed sites“ are transferred to the Philippine government. [18] On April 29, Malacaang published the full text of the agreement. The Defence Enhanced Cooperation Agreement is a ten-page document containing a preamble and 12 articles.

Government spokesmen repeatedly describe the EDCA as a framework agreement that strengthens the scope of the 1951 Mutual Defence Treaty (TDM). Disaster response and crisis response have become a major security priority in the U.S.-Philippine relationship, particularly after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), and is an important impetus for the EDCA agreement. [Citation required] U.S. Marines were among the first to arrive in the Philippines after the devastating typhoon hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013. Immediate request Request from the Philippine government U.S. and international humanitarian organizations arrived three days after the storm to help and help the thousands of injured and homeless. [14] The U.S. government has provided more than $37 million in aid. [15] Evan Medeiros, the Director General of the National Security Council for Asian Affairs, was quoted in the Washington Post as saying: „This is the most important defence agreement we have reached with the Philippines in decades.“ [6] Article X, implemented, provides for the Philippines and the United States to conclude implementation agreements for the implementation of EDCA provisions on agreed sites and funding issues. Implementation agreements may address additional issues related to the presence of U.S. personnel at agreed sites.

The United States and Poland have concluded negotiations on the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), which builds on our security cooperation and cements our long-standing defence partnership. The EDCA has an initial duration of ten years and will automatically remain in effect after that date. Each party may announce in writing for one year its intention to terminate the contract.