90) The IP chapter of the EU-Ukraine agreement covers issues such as harmonisation, EU regulation and time obligations. The IP chapter of the AGREEMENT between the United Kingdom and Ukraine contains all the material provisions relating to copyright, brands, geographical indications (PGIs), industrial models, patents, patents, regulatory test data exclusivity, new plant varieties, genetic resources, traditional and folk knowledge, as well as application, as under the EU-Ukraine agreement, with some changes to ensure continuity of effect and functionality in a bilateral context , the most important of which are listed below. 4) Where possible, the Government has sought to technically overhaul existing EU agreements through these new bilateral „continuity“ agreements, but in some cases has applied tailored solutions to individual agreements necessary to ensure continuity of impact and operating capacity in a bilateral context. 7) The United Kingdom and Ukraine agreed that the most appropriate form of the legal instrument to ensure continuity in this case is a long-term agreement. With regard to the draft agreement between the United Kingdom and Ukraine, we have reproduced all relevant parts of the existing EU-Ukraine agreement, with the technical and administrative changes necessary to make it operational in a bilateral context. 2) With our exit from the EU, the Government has sought to ensure the greatest possible security for businesses and consumers by ensuring the continuity of existing trade relations in the UK. It is not in anyone`s interest to disrupt existing trade streams. 35) Companies that depend on imports as part of their supply chains may be affected by rising import prices, including British exporters who depend on Ukrainian inputs to export goods to the rest of the world. In 2016 (the most recent data), about 15.4% of the value added of UK exports fell from imports from abroad, although the data do not specify the share of imports from Ukraine. British companies that depend on Ukrainian imports would be less competitive.

Given the small share of trade in the United Kingdom under this agreement, we would consider these effects to be relatively small, but could be felt by some companies. 52) The Government is committed to ensuring the right level of parliamentary oversight for all changes to international agreements, while ensuring that the United Kingdom is able to keep agreements up to date and respond to changes in national legislation or broader economic considerations.