Matthews Motors Clayton Pre-Owned Car Dealership is committed to providing quality vehicles and services to our valued customers in North Carolina. Motorists in Wilmington, North Carolina and surrounding communities rely on our dealership not only to get impeccable pre-owned vehicles for sale at competitive prices, but also for continuous service through our world-class car maintenance and repair. If you want to get a recent model car, crossover, SUV or pickup truck from our used car dealership in North Carolina and want to protect your new ride with an extended warranty or service coverage, we`ve got you covered. We are proud to offer a full range of products under warranty to help you protect your purchase and avoid unexpected costs on the road. Mechanical problems are never a pleasant experience for a driver, but you can protect your vehicle and wallet from the unexpected with a vehicle service contract. These packages offer several coverage, conditions, and deductible options. A waiver of Guaranteed Asset Protection or GAP is an optional addition to your auto loan. It is designed to compensate for the difference between the actual current value of your car and the outstanding balance of the loan after circumstances such as vehicle theft or total loss. Help reduce expenses in these situations with a GAP waiver available from Matthews Motors Clayton! The benefits of these vehicle maintenance contracts include: We are a big family, not a company. And we take care of you as a family, focusing on fighting for you when necessary. Our used car dealership is proud to offer Pro certified limited warranties managed by CNA National. A certified warranty can help provide additional confidence and security to used car buyers by including years and additional vehicle types. Keep in mind that auto insurance only covers the actual cash value of your vehicle, which can be much lower than the amount you owe for your loan due to a total loss or theft of your car.

Protect your purchase and wallet with a GAP plan. You want to keep your purchased vehicle in perfect condition, just like its appearance. With a WiseCARE plan to protect the appearance through our dealership, you can manage the cost of cosmetic repairs to your car, SUV or van. From „Choice“ options to „Full“ packages, there is a plan for each driver to protect the appearance of the vehicle. Matthews Motors Clayton is the home of lifetime warranty! Most of the used vehicles we sell come standard with a lifetime powertrain warranty, but if the car of your choice doesn`t, you can purchase this affordable option from our dealership. By purchasing a lifetime limited warranty on the powertrain, you will receive coverage for the main components of the powertrain as long as you own the vehicle. Matthews Motors Clayton dealership near Raleigh, North Carolina, is your source for these valuable protection plans and extended warranty coverage. Our sales and finance specialists can discuss these packages with you in more detail when you contact us or visit our Clayton site. Under this lifetime warranty, your vehicle`s engine, transmission, and powertrain components are protected, and there are even vehicle maintenance contracts that „wrap“ this warranty, covering additional parts as well as other benefits.

USWC ensures that you and your vehicle are insured in the event of a breakdown. Few things will erase your extra money like unexpected vehicle breakdowns. You want to be sure to get the best parts and repairs without lowering the price. Send us a quick email or online chat and we`ll be happy to put you in touch with an authorized dealer in your area who sells our service contracts. While we sell certified pre-owned vehicles that include this warranty, used car buyers are encouraged to add this limited warranty coverage to other standard vehicles. Protect yourself from unexpected repair costs when buying a used car and feel confident in your purchase with a certified warranty from matthews Motors Clayton dealer. We pride ourselves on training our customers so you know exactly what you`re getting in our service contracts – what`s covered and what`s not. And we`ll cover units that go back 23 model years.

We invite you to consult our range of extended warranty options for your used car purchase. Feel free to contact our staff near Raleigh, NC for more details! WiseCARE Vehicle Appearance Protection offers the following benefits: US GAP coverage by USW (United States Warranty Corp.) is an affordable option for motorists who want to protect themselves from the unexpected, such as . B as a total loss due to a collision, theft or fire. Drive with peace of mind that your US GAP plan will cover the difference between an insurance bill after a total loss and the remaining balance of your car loan. Since 1975, we have ensured that each of our contractors can enjoy being on the road and not be blocked by expensive repairs. We value service, integrity and trust in everything we do. Not all bumps on the road are preventable, and with our tire and wheel hubcap, you can be protected from the potential cost of repairing damage to wheels or tires. The Preferred Tire Care program not only covers the cost of repairing a damaged tire or wheel, but even covers replacement if your tire runs out of air and repair is not possible. And our claims department makes sure you get the repairs you need when you need them, at prices you can afford. . Whether you`re there or driving across the country, you can count on USWC.

In the event of a mechanical failure, a simple call to our claims department will allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible. .