(i) If the support of U.S. use supplies cannot be out of the question for small businesses and if the application of trade agreements (see subsection 25.4), you replace the FAR 52.225-3 clause, Buy American-Free Trade Agreements-Israeli Trade Act, possibly used with Alternate I or Alternate II, in place of the FAR 52.225-1, Buy American-Supplies clause. Procedures in item 8.405-3 must be followed for BPA pages. Market research will determine whether three or more Schedule owners can provide the necessary products and/or services in one of the small business categories listed. (4) Persons authorized to purchase under BPA. A statement that a list of persons authorized to purchase under BPA is identified either by the title of the position or by the name of the individual organizational component and the limitation of the dollar per purchase for each position or per person, is placed at the supplier`s expense by the supplier. Visit GSA SmartPay to find tax-exempt forms and/or links directly to government sites. One of the main differences between BPAs and Schedule BPAs is that these global framework contracts are subject to the simplified acquisition threshold. In other words, no agency can use „traditional“ BPAs to purchase products or services beyond the SAT limit. However, if the BPA is fixed on a scheduled contract, the SAT will no longer be a problem.

Of course, all other benefits of pursuing GSA calendars also apply to Schedule BPAs. (a) if it is desirable to enter into a binding contract between the parties before the contractor renders the service, the holder requires written acceptance (see point 2.101) of the order by the holder. (d) agencies provide appropriate guarantees regarding form control and purchasing accounting. (3) Applying this procedure would avoid writing many orders. (1) Description of the agreement. Statement that the supplier must provide supplies or services described in a general form when the client (or authorized representative of the contract agent) is solicited for a specified period of time and, if applicable, in a specified total amount.